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Custom transitional fittings for every application

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Parks and Sons Custom Woodworking

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Parks and Sons has been crafting our customers’ imaginations for over 30 years. The quality and craftsmanship is unparalleled in this region. Our staff understands the challenges faced by General Contractors and Builders and we strive to bring solutions. The staff is experienced, reliable and proud of their workmanship.

We utilize the tangent handrail building method rather than limiting ourselves to stock parts. This gives each staircase it’s own distinctive and personalized design. By the use of Digital Measuring and CNC Technology we can create whatever our customers can envision.

So, whether it’s custom stairs, detailed millwork or whatever your customer can dream up, give Parks and Sons the opportunity to make the next project their masterpiece.Type your paragraph here.

Family owned and operated, all of our products are built to building code, not only ensuring the safety of all our customers but for the safety of emergency response units in unanticipated situations.